Polytechnic for Juniors and Seniors

Do your children build robots from Lego blocks? Or maybe you have a Young Experimenter at home, creating volcanoes of baking soda and vinegar? Or maybe your child is constantly asking questions and you do not always find the answer right away. In fact, not everyone can tell you how bacteria smell or if you can touch colors, or how to encrypt a diary? Such questions as well as many others will be answered and explained to our youngest adepts of the Polytechnic Science at the activity classes organized by the Polytechnic for Juniors and Seniors.
And when you leave your children in class, are you waiting for them, bored, behind the door? We open this door for your child and you. Yes, yes, you read it well. These classes allow children together with their parents or grandparents to discover the world of science. This is a series of classes dedicated to the youngest (aged 6-12) who come to us together with their guardians – parents or grandparents. Classes are conducted in the form of open, interactive lectures, workshops and laboratory classes, conducted by scientists and students of the Silesian University of Technology. Let us answer all these brilliant questions asked by your child, and also take the opportunity to have your questions answered. We would like to make the joint discovery of science a new, joyous adventure during which not only your children but maybe also you will “catch a scientific bug”.

Please contact us at the following e-mail address: pjs@polsl.pl