Polytechnic of the Third Age

It would seem reasonable that the university should focus on teaching students aged 20-30, possibly with the exception of our potential candidates for studies who will sooner or later become students. But we’ve been learning all our lives – this is the motto of the activities of the Silesian University of Technology. That is why we have a popular science offer for everyone who is no longer a junior or a twenty-something student, but still wants to learn with us.
We are the only University of the Third Age in the country that allows real studying. We do not want to follow routine courses: fitness, foreign languages, painting, or basic computer support. We are going a step further. Computer programming? Not terrible! Chemistry? Explosively interesting! Biotechnology?





Of course! Or maybe building robots or creating new materials? Why not? If you want to learn at the Third Age University of Technology, where we will show the best we have within the walls of our University – we invite you!