Three Minute Thesis competition

What is Three Minute Thesis®?

Three Minute Thesis® (3MT®) is a global competition in science communication, licensed by The University of Queensland (Australia). The first competition took place in 2008 and so far it has been organized by 600 universities and institutions in 59 countries. The first organizer of this contest in Poland was the Association ‘Boost Biotech Polska’. Since then, the competition has taken place in Łódź and Poznań. This year, PhD students of all Silesian universities will have the opportunity to participate in the competition for the first time. Their task will be to present the topics related to their doctoral theses in the most accessible way to a wide audience in only 3 minutes!

3MT® is completely open to the public, and the presented topics will cover a very wide range of problems since PhD students of all disciplines, both technical and humanistic profiles, can apply for the competition. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to bring the audience closer to a wide variety of scientific issues, and for young people, it is an incentive to study miscellaneous courses offered by Silesian universities.

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